Secure Data Collection and To Avoid the Densely Traffic Collusion Attack in Wireless Sensor Network

V.Jayaraj, M.Indhumathi

Data collection is a very important function provided by wireless sensor networks. In the entire, sensor node spread in the critical area in an unplanned manner. Sensor network are collection of sensor node which co-operatively send sensed data to sink node. After sensing the each sensor to deployed densely data to the base station so that a WSN can successfully operate in the presence of component failures or Densely Traffic Collusion Attack. In this environment it’s very difficult to continuously surveillance. Its currently research potential in securing data aggregation in the WSN. So we solved this problem using Cartesian product sets, Inductive Reasoning Implementation and Translating Method. In this Article, we propose New Sequence Key (NSKey) Algorithm to avoid the Densely Traffic Collusion Attack. In particular, we present a Path File List (PFlist) Algorithm which the sink node can determine if the compute aggregate (SRA Value) include any wrong contribution.

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